Golf Nutrition 101

As we wrote about in our last article, fitness is essential for reaching your full golf game potential. But what helps you reach your full fitness potential?

You guessed it!


It’s an often ignored subject for golfers, because at driving ranges you’ll see hot dogs and beer for sale. But as you see, some of the  best golfers in the world are in great shape, strong, compact and POWERFUL. Other than John Daily, most golfers are very lean and mobile, and they work out on a daily basis. That way they can truly be at their best. And following a regimented nutrition program can help you reach your full fitness potential, which should help you reach your full golf game potential, which is what we’re all about here at Inspired 2 Golf.

Golf Nutrition 101

Golf nutrition has a ton of benefits if you do it the right way, including:

  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • less mood swings
  • more strength
  • more mental capacity and health
  • less pain
  • better overall fitness
  • less fat
  • more muscle
  • better recovery

Yes, working on a good nutrition plan can be hard, but the basic premise is just eat real food, or as they say “JERF”. Eat clean, natural healthy and organic food.

Eat from most of the major food groups with vegetables and meat being at the bottom of the food pyramid, unlike the grains that currently are. Eat fruit, nuts, seeds and occasionally, raw and organic dairy.

Golf Workout Nutrition

Right after a workout, fuel yourself with 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. This will optimize your recovery and put your body in an anabolic (muscle building) state right away. If you weigh 200 lbs, try to get 70-100 grams of carbs after an intense workout and 15-25 grams of protein. Other supplements should include whey protein (you can use that with the post-workout recovery drink), a multivitamin, and probiotics (click here to purchase the ones we use that came to us as highly recommended) supplement. Make sure you are also getting enough water and electrolytes, especially if you are prone to dehydration. Coconut water can take care of that trick for you, as I’d stay away from most sugary sports drinks like Gatorade. Continue reading →

Golf Fitness 101

It’s no secret that a long round of golf (up to 18 holes) can be physically grueling on the body as well as on the mind. Here at Inspired 2 Golf, we not only help you with the technical side of your golf game, but your fitness and mental side as well. We’ve written articles on things such as how to hit a longer drive, how to mentally prepare yourself before a game, and how to get inspired to play your best. But what we wanted to touch on today was Golf Fitness 101.

Golf Fitness: It starts with your mindset

Golf fitness doesn’t begin with your weight, your body fat percentage, or your fitness levels. No, it begins with your mindset. Do you actually see health and fitness as a part of your lifestyle. You obviously view golf as a very important part of it, but your golf game and your life could be so much better if you were even just a few pounds lighter and a bit more in shape.


Every aspect of your game would improve if you had the right mind, and you did just a little bit every day to make sure you were staying on top of your physical game:

  • You would have more energy to play more
  • you would have more mental stamina and physical endurance to outlast your friends and foes
  • you would hit a longer drive.
  • your short game would be better
  • your overall body pain would lessen
  • you’d be more flexible and mobile
  • you wouldn’t have as high of medical bills
  • you’d be a lot stronger and muscular
  • your blood pressure wouldn’t be as high

You can read about 100’s more benefits by clicking here.

More than Golf

All of those are just a few benefits of what you could receive from simply doing a few exercises every day to improve your game but also your health. The most important thing is having the right mindset. I’ll write more on the technical side of what you should be doing, but constantly tell yourself it’s worth it. Exercise and fitness is worth the hassle and the pain because it improves your game and your life so much. You won’t regret it. You just need to make it a habit, get in the rhythm (just like you do your golf game), and you’ll start seeing results in as little as 3-6 weeks but definitely feel much better after about 2 weeks. Continue reading →

How to hit a longer drive

There are a lot of ways to get improve your drive. It’s probably the best way to improve your overall golf game. Because as a friend of mine once said, it is so much easier to have a low score on around when you are able just add straight power to your shot.


So for example, when you have a Drive of 100 yards on a 400 yard course as a whole, it’s going to take you about four strokes even get on the green, and then maybe one to get in what you get on the green, possibly two. But if your drive is 200 yards, then you have about two strokes to get on the green and maybe one or two to get in the hole. So there, you just improve your score by 25 to 33%.

And one way that you can do that is by having stable fluid and hips but then also the rotational mobility that gives you the power that you need to really went through the swing. And one great exercise which is actually really simple to do is called T spine rotation.


Keep your hips stable, and it gives you the rotational mobility at the part of your back, which is the upper back the needs that mobility, and that way you can have more power because you have more ability. The greater your ability to generate tour and the more speed at which you deliver that that torque at, you will simply crush the ball. We’ve known guys that have gone from two earn 50 yard drive to 350+, feta getting in and around the green every time a swing the club. And when that’s the case, your confidence goes up because now you’re not trying to swing everything around and make up for lost time. And drive longer shots.

So again, take yourself to the full range of this exercise, the T spine rotation and you will have a great amount of power and full rotation and torque!

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Mentally Preparing yourself before a game of golf

Ladies and Gentleman,

Do you ever get the jitters before a round of golf? Sometimes, even seasoned pro’s do so there’s nothing to worry about. Even if you’re going out for a casual round on the weekend, so much of golf takes mental toughness, fortitute and preparation.

A lot of my students let the mental side of golf get to them. They get discouraged when they hit a bad shot. They throw their clubs like Happy Gilmore does in this video:

Haha just kidding. But seriously, don’t let it get to you. Remember, golf is just a game. You’re challenging yourself, and no one else, Keep that in mind when you’re out there on the back 9.

What can you do specifically to stay calm and improve your mental golf game?

Well first of all you can do what I just said, which is to just stay calm.

Secondly, you can take deep breaths and relax just before a shot. Doing this will calm your nervous system and allow you to make more efficient shots and be more consistent over time.

Third, you can think happy thoughts. Again, I hate to keep bringing it back to happy gilmore, but you can seriously try that technique. What good is it if you’re not happy? You can try reading some of our other articles for inspiration as well. That should get you pretty fired up.

Forth, put the last shot behind you. If you hit a bad shot, or even a good shot, put it behind you. Next shot up. That’s how all the succcessful golfers do it. They don’t dwell on the past. They’re able to move on without thinking about the past. If you can master this technique, you can have success as well when it comes to mastering the mental side of golf!

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Be Inspired to Golf! Our new blog!

Hey guys what’s up, name here and most of you know me best because of my desire to inspire others to golf at their best. That’s what this website and this blog is all about-inspiring to golf better. There are 1 million different ways to improve your golf game, and I truly believe that golf is the best game in the world for hundreds of reasons. I’ll probably write an article on that but not right now but I just don’t have time, but it’s just a great game to clear your mind to make new friends to drink a little beer and to wager a couple dollars because it’s such a game of skill and thinking. You have to take into consideration so many different factors a lot of them can’t throw such as new when the slopes of golf courses as well as your body being tea as well as the temperature outside because that’s going to fit in your body and that might make you more loose or tight or left or right of center which is slicing or cutting your stroke. Golf is a game of relaxation also, or least should be. I know it’s out of golfers to get really high strong over hi stores, but I mean honestly it should be fun. And if you haven’t played golf in a while I really hurt you just to pick up the club to go out there to just start hitting balls. Go do some putting. Go to the driving. Just practicing some plastic golf balls out of the backyard or set up a little driving range or the net in your backyard. Doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold outside because A lot of driving ranges actually especially on the East Coast have heated stalls to where you can go all year round. It’s not pretty cool?

Also, there is a friend of mind who does mindset training, and she put together a quick video which I wanted to share to inspire you to Golf better.

I also wanted to touch base a little bit on golf fitness. I have a friend who is a specialist training golfers for fitness, colluding how to improve your rotational power as well as your balance and of course your strength and your driving range nearest close of this every other aspect of physicality takes to be a better golfer. He runs a cool site and I’ll probably be at articles on here, and if not I would deathly be incorporated some of the golf fitness stuff that I’ve learned from them into the site. So yeah… That’s it for now, and be aware that I won’t be riding every day but just when I have time because you know I do have a full-time job as a golf pro. So please joy and will talk to you soon!

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